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About us

About us

Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

Universal Mina is a supplier of aquaculture and capture (marine) fisheries products from Indonesia. Currently, our main product is shrimp. Our shrimp products include white shrimp, tiger prawns, dogol prawns, flower prawns and vannami prawns.

Our company works with factories and producers who already have standardized products worthy of export shrimp. For more than 10 years we have exported shrimp to several countries in Asia, including China, Singapore and Malaysia.

As a trading company, we take part in ensuring product quality, terms of agreement, payment methods and documents in Indonesia. Universal Mina set up a private quality control team to keep production as agreed. We continue to grow to expand our business scale to several other countries by prioritizing product quality.

Our Head Office and Factory are located in Pati, Central Java.

Founder and Co-Founder

Founder & CEO Universal Mina

Co-Founder Universal Mina

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